May 21 – June 19 (30 days) | $2,800
Led by: Dasia canales and Anabelle Neal
Why serve in Rural Appalachia?
The federal government today defines Appalachia as parts of West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia. Alabama and Mississippi. It incorporates 397 counties in 13 states, covers a total of 195,000 square miles and has a current population of more than 20 million. The region known as Appalachia has been geographically isolated throughout much of their history they are thought to have retained cultural traditions of early nineteenth-century pioneers. Their language and music are thought by some to be “pure” survivals of Elizabethan forms. although many scholars believe that this is something of on exaggeration. It is no exaggeration. However, that White inhabitants of southern Appalachia were cut off from the mainstream of American culture. Many people live in poverty, have low education and are isolated.
For our mission, we want to go and serve the farmers of the Appalachians in any way we can. We are going to travel through the mountains by van to each farm in need and stay with them for as long as they will let us. This will allow us to go back to our roots, learning the ways of their culture and being close to nature. Another aspect of our mission will be meeting the needs of people who live in impoverished areas.

Things we hope to do:

-Agrarian work
-Building relationships with farmers
-Relief work for wildfires in TN
-Work for the poor