Update Week 3 Missions 2017

With just over a week left on their missions, it’s with joy I share with you an update on each of our Wesley Mission teams. Overall, the teams are doing excellent; they are full of stories and wonder of what God is doing in and among them. Communities are being blessed by their spirits and faithfulness, and we are proud to report back to you some of their joys. 


The Haiti team is giving their whole hearts, souls, minds, and strength to the community of Sous A Philippe in these lasts weeks. While one team member was under the weather– they were able to get to a clinic and she is feeling much better— the remainder of the team took it upon themselves to visit and pray with the families of the homes they have been working with/on. Our translator, Caz, accompanied the sick to the clinic, so our team used their broken Creole and gestures to invite families into prayer and pray over them. The team visited a dozen homes and spent time with each family sharing the love of Christ through prayer and laughter, and intentionally push past the language-barrier. The team also put their all into vigorous labor, as they demolished a foundation and relaid it to begin building again after the damage from Hurricane Matthew. The team has worked on a dozen homes and continued to lead Bible lessons for the children and community meals. Caroline and Courtney reported they were given COLD COKES this week, and after a long day they said it was an answered prayer. Everyone was excited. The team travels back to the mainland on Thursday, where they will rest and do some sight-seeing at local shops/ministries who empower the communities in which they serve. The team gets home late Sunday


The Appalachia team has been serving in the small community of Black Water, Virginia, where they have partnered with a ministry to help build/repair homes in the community. The team was blessed by this ministry who poured into them and spoke over them in prayer and love. One of the ministry workers told Dasia that she saw the Spirit of God heavily upon our team and how she had been struggling to connect with the teams who served with them until our team came. She had a hard year and was able to open up with Dasia and another team member who spoke life and encouragement over her and into her. This is a beautiful picture of Christians mutually uplifting and encouraging each other as we know each other and serve together. The team was also able to minister to many of the home-owners at whose homes they were working. They spent much of their days listening to broken hearts and tending to them as they also cleaned up and repaired broken homes. The team was also encouraged to spend an evening with Ryan Ford, our director, who is in the area for Annual Conference. Ryan is happy to report he caught several trout! The team has their last week of work ahead of them and then will have a day of rest and hiking before returning Sunday/Monday


The Romania team worked with Smiles ministry, where for the first part of the week they were split up to visit gypsies and other widows in their homes around the area. The latter part of the week, the team came back together throughout the day and have been serving at the Glass House, a green-house which serve as a community garden for the area, and other homeless outreaches. The team has made impactful relationships with the ministry leaders and also the people to whom they are ministering to. These connections are beautiful to the team and the people, and allow each other to see the depths of love and worthiness in each person they interact with. The team was also able to visit a small community in the mountains and were refreshed by their time of rest and learning more about different cultural aspects of Romania. Two of the team members were feeling ill, but have been steadily improving and were able to join the team to visit the sights. The leaders shared that more and more of the team members are opening up and sharing their hearts, which has led to powerful times in devotional and throughout the day. The team is doing well and are excited about their final week of serving in Romania. The team returns home to Ruston on Monday

As you all know, the Cambodia team returned home early due to sickness. While there are a few still seeking treatment and full health after their bouts with bacterial infections, most everyone has made a full recovery and are happily sharing the stories they were able to be a part of during their time in Cambodia. We are grateful and praising God the team is healthy. Thank you for your prayers for them. 

Update Week 2 Missions 2017

Parents, Friends, Family and Supporters of Wesley Foundation Missionaries. We spoke with the team leaders of each of our mission trips for an hour to an hour and a half earlier this week.  Everyone is safe and morale is high. Here’s a short update on each team.



The Appalachia team spent the last week building relationships and working with a ministry that helps and cares for disabled people. The team was able to help to move a greenhouse to another location which proved to be a great blessing for the ministry as a whole. The team has continued to diligently work hard to be the hands and feet of Christ, caring for one another, for people, and farmers they meet along their journey. The team is doing great, working well with each others and faithfully bearing witness to the gospel. The team continues on this week.


Our Romania team has finished their work with a ministry called “River of Life” this week, completing foundational work for the gym where the children can play during the frigid winter months mentioned in our last post. As the weeks move on, the team will be moving to a ministry called “Smiles” where they will be working together along with local missionaries to deliver food to gypsies, doing VBS, and living life with the people of Romania. The Lord has continued to bless the Romania team, keeping the team in high spirits and allowing them to make a difference. 


The Haiti team spent this last week doing VBS with the children in the village, working towards continuing and building relationships with the villagers and elders, and  some work with building and cleaning up damage from previous storms. The team has continued to work on rebuilding homes in the wake of Hurricane Matthew and even were able to finish a house this week. The team will continue to work towards its goal of rebuilding homes and maintaining and building relationships with the village. The team is doing well and is in good spirits.

Last time, we mentioned a bout of stomach sickness and illness for the Cambodia team. Over the next few days, symptoms began to increase for several of our team member, including both of our team leaders, resulting in several overnight visits to a nearby hospital. With fevers and dehydration, nearly half of the team required medical attention of some sort within the first week of being at the orphanage, finding out that a bacterial infection was causing some members to be ill. After careful and prayerful consideration for the safety of the team, we decided to immediately bring our Cambodia team home. While this wasn’t an easy decision to make, we believe that it was the most careful and considerate decision to be made. The Cambodia team arrived back home in Shreveport on Thursday evening, saddened and tired, yet in good spirits. Those who were ill have since sought medical care and are on their way to recovery. 

Update Week 1 Missions 2017

Parents, Friends, Family and Supporters of Wesley Foundation Missionaries. I spoke with the team leaders of each of our four mission trips for an hour to an hour and a half yesterday. Everyone is safe and morale is high. Here’s a short update on each team.


After a bout with some stomach sickness among a few of the team members Cambodia team is hitting its stride. The team has been building relationships with orphans and begins work this week on a variety of construction projects for the orphanage. Whereas many of our teams move to multiple work sites throughout their thirty days, the Cambodia team plans to devote the entire duration of their trip to one ministry and is excited to deepen the relationships it has already begun.


The Appalachia team has been roughing it  — sleeping mostly in tents — and making a huge difference in the lives of a small scale farming family who are not Christians. They cleaned out a riotously overgrown greenhouse, began building foundations for much needed facilities, and handily completed tasks in a single week which would have taken years without them. Most importantly, the team bore faithful witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yesterday they attended church in Greenville and were welcomed by some astonishingly hospitable and generous Christians who were energized and inspired by their mission. Today they begin work on a new farm.


Like the Appalachia trip, the Romanian mission team is pioneering new missional ground in a place Wesley has never visited. The team is healthy and thriving as they serve a ministry which cares for and shelters women and children who have been rescued from domestic violence and sex-trafficking. The team spends its mornings in manual labor: last week they split a barn-load worth of firewood – enough to heat the ministry through the entire winter. This week they’ll begin construction on a gym where the children can play during the frigid winter months. In the afternoons the team does VBS with the children and in the evenings the women of the team meet for bible studies with the mothers. In addition to meeting a variety of urgent relational and practical needs among the Romanian’s the Lord is also doing astonishing things in the lives of the team members themselves. 


The Haiti team spent its first week doing some preparatory work with building materials, beginning VBS, playing games with kids, and building relationships with villagers. This week the team will get to work building houses and bringing healing to some of the ravages of Hurricane Matthew. Though the Haiti mission trip always has practical manual labor ambitions, the real joy of the trip has always been the affection between the mission team and the villagers. This year’s team is certainly continuing that legacy. As I talked to the leaders yesterday they were waylaid at one point by the team itself who was playfully making its way across the island. There is one word which sufficiently characterizes the experience they are having together — “joy.”

All Our Teams Are Home


Our Haiti team has finally made it to Shreveport! That means that within the hour they will be home in Ruston. God has been so good to watch over all our teams so lovingly and carefully this month. We, as a staff, are also very thankful for all of the prayers that have been prayed over our teams. 
Over the next few weeks we hope to post some reflections from our team members as well as more pictures. Keep checking back to the blog for these posts!
God Bless,
Becky Clark

Almost Home

Our Cambodia team has made it to Dallas. That means their flying is over and now they will be driving the rest of the way home to Ruston. They should be in Ruston around noon if all goes well!!! So thankful for safe travels and can’t wait to see all of them.
Vancouver has also made it to Dallas just a few minutes ago. They will have a layover and then fly from their to Shreveport. Their flight is on time so they should land in Shreveport close to 10am.
Our Haiti team should be at the airport in Port Au Prince. Their flight is scheduled to leave on time so they should make it to Atlanta by 11:44am.
Our teams are almost home!
Becky C

The Teams Are Coming In

Our San Francisco team safely arrived home this afternoon. Our Cambodia team is back on American soil as they landed in Seattle just a little while ago. They have a few hours layover in the airport and then will board their last flight from Seattle to Dallas about 11:50pm tonight. They should arrive in Dallas about 5:39 tomorrow morning and then have a long drive from Dallas back to Ruston.
I just texted with our Vancouver team and they are getting ready to head to the airport as they will be flying out of Vancouver about 11:20 tonight and will arrive in Dallas around 5:20am. They have a short layover and then head to Shreveport. They should be in Shreveport about 10am tomorrow.
Our final team, Team Haiti, will be heading out of Port au Prince about 7:30am tomorrow morning.
Please continue to pray for safe travel for our teams!
I’ll post again once our Cambodia and Vancouver teams make it to Dallas and our Haiti team leaves Port Au Prince.
Becky C

Teams In The Air

Both our Cambodia team and San Francisco teams are safely in the air flying to their next destination. Cambodia is flying from Taipei to Seattle and should land around 7:30pm tonight. San Fran should be arriving in Denver about 12pm and then running to their connecting flight to Shreveport.
Keep checking in to keep up with the teams travels home. Late tonight our Vancouver team will start their journey home.
Becky C

Cambodia Team Traveling Home

I just got word from our Cambodia team that they have safely arrived in Taipei.@They will spend a few hours in the airport before their next flight from Taipei to Seattle. I will post when their flight gets ready to leave.
Our San Fran team will be getting ready to depart in just a few hours as well. Keep checking back for mission trip updates!
Becky C.

Wesley Mission Trip Flight Info

In just a few days our teams will be traveling home. Below is a list of all our teams flight information so you can keep up with them as they travel and pray for their safety along the way. 


San Francisco

Arriving home June 19th
 Flying United Airlines
1. Departing San Fran at 8:30am and arrive in Denver at 12:03pm
2. Leave Denver at 12:55pm (so pray for their quick layover) and arrive in Shreveport, La at 4:12pm
They will then travel back to Ruston and should be back around 5:45-6pm. We would love to have people greet them at Wesley at that time!


Arriving Home June 20th
Flying EVA Airways
1. Departing Phnom Phen June 19th at 12:40pm and arriving in Taipei at 5:20pm June 19th
* remember the 12 hour time difference and pray for them, our poor team will replay some of June 19th twice because of it!
2. Departing Taipei at 11:40pm, June 19th and arriving in Seattle at 7:30pm, June 19th
Flying Alaska Airlines
1. Departing Seattle 11:50pm, June 19th and arriving in Dallas (DFW) 5:29am on June 20th
** our team will then be picked up and driven back to Ruston where they should arrive here maybe around 11am depending on how long it takes to get baggage and drive.


Arriving Home June 20th
Flying American Airlines
1. Departing Vancouver 11:20pm on June 19th and arriving in Dallas (DFW) at 5:28am, June 20th
2. Departing Dallas at 8:50am one June 20th and arriving in Shreveport at 9:52am on June 20th
They will travel back to Ruston and should be here around 11:30 hopefully!


Arriving home (barely) June 20th
Flying Delta Airlines
1. Departing Port Au Prince at 7:30am June 20th and arriving in Atlanta at 11:44am
2. Departing Atlanta at 11pm and arriving in Shreveport at 11:42pm June 20th.
They will then travel back to Ruston and should be here around 1:30am on June 21st.
*please pray for them as they have a huge layover and it will be an extremely long day for them.
I will be checking all team flights every day from here on out to make sure there are not changes to the times or flight numbers. If anything changes I will post it as an update on the blog.  Please continue to pray for our teams in these last few days.
If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Wesley Foundation via email (wesley@wesleymail.com) or myself (beckyc@trinityruston.org). Email would probably be easier to get a response than calling as our Office Manger is on vacation and the rest of the staff is in and out of the office often. 
Becky C.

Cambodia and Vancouver Updates!

I have talked to our other two teams today and I have tons to share about their adventures and how great God has been


This last week the team took a trip to a mango farm to work and stay. This is the first time any of our Cambodia teams have worked with this particular ministry and though we had talked some we were still a little unsure of all our team would be doing there. It turns out that God orchestrated this week so very perfectly and there is no doubt that our team was supposed to be right where they were on that mango farm.
Amelia and Courtney shared that the farm is very far out of the city high around some mountain areas, but located in kind of a desert area with mango trees all around. Brett, the missionary in charge (who also amazingly happens to be from Baton Rouge, La…can you believe that! We didn’t even know that as we planned the trip) shared that the farm as well as a few other businesses he has are to support the ministries he has. Eventually, the plan is that the farm and other businesses will completely sustain the ministries as well as provide jobs and needs. One of the other things Brett does a lot of is building water wells in small remote villages. What our team discovered in their first few hours with Brett was that he was having a hard time and had even was even struggling with being there any longer. One of our hopes for our teams is that they will have the opportunity to come along-side the ministries we serve with to love on them and encourage them. We know that only so much can be done in a month, but we know there are so many who are in these areas year round. Our hope is to breathe more life and energy into them while we are with them. It seems that that is just what God wanted for our team to do with Brett! He even shared later in the week that he has never had a team like ours come to work with him- a team that has worked so hard, that he could trust so clearly, and that he connected with and knew completely loved Jesus with a deep passion. He confessed that he had definatley missed the fellowship of other believers.
While pouring into Brett and the others at the mango farm our team also spent time painting the mission house, building 4 bathrooms, digging a trench and installing an irrigation system. I believe when the team comes back they will be able to say they could easily become contractors with all the building projects they have completed! They did confess that while those things were really fun to do, it was blazing hot out at the mango farm and the house they stayed in didn’t have any type of AC. They were all very excited to take real showers when they arrived in Battenbong the other day, not just bucket showers.
Courtney also shared that the area they were in doesn’t get much rain, though the land needs it. So they prayed for rain and almost every day they were there it either rained where they were or they could see rain off in the distance. How cool is that!!! They also shared about a few of the people they met and got to know while at the mango farm. “Uncle” as they called one man was one of the workers they worked with and he used to be a Khmer Rouge soldier and fought during the genocide in Cambodia. He was 16 at the time. He is now a Christian and was so loving to our team. His wife prepared all our teams meals.
They also visited a “floating village” that is located on a flood plain and this time of the year is when the waters are the highest.
The team is doing great and were really sad to leave the mango farm, but are excited for this last week of ministry before heading home. While they are tired, God has continued to show up and blow their minds with how faithful He is and how He creates great opportunities to share who He is with others.
Please Pray for:
1. Our teams continued health and safety
2. this last week as they work with the organization in Battenbong and the missionaries their, Allision and Christian.
3. Our team to stay focused on this week and not start to anticipate leaving to soon so they miss what God still has for them.
4.  Brett at the mango farm and his ministry
5. Their flights to not have any problems as we get close to their return
6. That God would continue to grow and challenge our team and their hearts would be open to His leading


 Our leaders, Dylan and Caroline shared with me on the front end of our conversation that the team is doing amazing in has really been working great together. They are pushing each other and challenging each other all the time to stay focused on God and what He is doing.
The team worked with a new ministry this week called UGM (Union Gospel Mission). They have two ministry opportunities each day and our team helped with both. They do a breakfast for the homeless and then a lunch that starts with a short worship service that our team helped lead. They fell in love with this ministry! They shared that in their whole time in Vancouver this ministry has by far been the most intentional and amazing. The staff and volunteers really get to know the people they serve and even call them by name. They give the people expectations for how others should be treated and really try to restore dignity while they express deep love. Between breakfast and lunch they leave the space open for people to linger and drink as much coffee as they want and eat as much bread as they can eat. Our team had the opportunity to really sit with many of the people and get to know them. They will work with this ministry again this week.
They will also work with UGM for their Summer Connect program which they describe as kind of a serves and job fair. It’s a one day, all day, street fair where UGM provides health services for the homeless in the area and potential jobs that are open in businesses around the area. Our team will be helping with the set up that day and any other things we can do to help the whole program run smoothly that day.
Today they attended Coastal Church that’s not too far from their housing and had heard great things about from some of the people they have talked to during the coffee ministry times (by the way, our team has made such great connections and many they have met have been so encouraged and impressed with our group that they have been invited to 3 different dinners this week at either people’s homes or a friends house for a BBQ). They shared that the church was amazing and they all felt so at home and loved. They also had a great experience worshipping with other Christ followers. Caroline shared that today really refreshed all of them for this coming week.
In their last week they are looking forward to revisiting some of the other ministries they have already served with this month as well as doing a few new things. They are also excited to see what God will continue to do through their video ministry and the coffee shop ministry times. I hear they aren’t extremely excited to return to Ruston as it’s abou 55 degrees in Vancouver and it’s hot and muggy in Ruston!
Over this last week please pray for:
1. the continues safety and health of our team
2. they would continue to be focused on God and not “check out” too early, missing what God still has for the in these last days
3. all their flights are still on time and there are no problems
4. The UGM summer program
5. All the people God still wants our team to meet and reach out to
Here are a few images Dylan sent me of the team:
IMG_3975 IMG_3976
On Wednesday I will post all the flight information for all our teams so if you want to keep up you can. I will not be talking to Cambodia until they return to Phnom Phen and that will only be to know they got their safely. Then I will hear from them when they get ready to board the plane out of Phnom Phen. I will not talk to team Vancouver again until they get ready to board the plane in Vancouver to come home. I will be contacting parents when I get those calls about flights so they know the planes are leaving the teams are officially headed home!
Be looking for a post on Wednesday!
Blessing and Peace,
Becky C