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May 21 – June 19 (30 days) | $3,000
Led By: Alana Crump and Dylan Sanders

Why Serve in Cambodia?

After a rebel group, the Khmer Rouge, murdered ½ of the population (especially those educated) in the 1970s, the rest of the country was left in what they call “Year Zero.” This means they were pushed back to their agricultural roots, leaving the majority of the population without an education, literacy, or dreams for the future. 

In the past 40 years, the Khmer people have begun to rebuild their country, their economic system, and their educational system. We travel to Cambodia because we know the hope of Jesus Christ, and we want to share this same hope with them. Most of the country does not know or has never heard of Jesus! We want the Khmer people to be able to dream and imagine beautifully for themselves as they continue rebuilding by knowing the beautiful things God wants and has for them! 

Our mission in going to Cambodia ls to show the love and share the hope of Christ with the people we’ll meet and serve through building deep, intentional relationships with them.Our team will serve mainly in the capitol. Phnom Penh.
Some organizations we hope to work with are: 
• New Hope Orphanage: loving the children through playing with them and doing VBS

• Market Ministry: going to different vendors to build relationships with them and love them

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