May 20 – June 18 (30 days) | $2,200
Led By: Quincie McConathy, Trevor Blair, and Emma Rankin

Why Serve in Mexico?

This is Wesley Foundation’s first mission to Mexico. Our goal is to immerse ourselves in Mexican culture and to take a position of humility while we serve and receive. We want to come back and share stories about the people we’ve met and what the Holy Spirit is doing in Mexico and in our team members. We want to repent of the racism and oppression of our Mexican brothers and sisters, even though there is no way we can ever compensate for the humiliation and degradation they have suffered.  

Our hope is for our mission team to be a family, taking responsibility for one another and caring for each other with Christian love and compassion. We want to be learners and receivers on this mission. Our telos is not to save the world but to build and be the church while in Mexico. We are excited to come along side established ministries and to experience what God is doing among our brothers and sisters.


Things we plan to do: 
  • Visit the border on the Mexican side
  • Ministry based in Monterrey
  • Disaster relief in Cuernavaca
  • Urban ministry in Mexico City
  • Break bread