May 20 – June 18 (30 days) | $3,500
Led by: Hannah White, Kiara Anderson, and Sarah Boothe
Why serve in Romania?
Romania is a beautiful and culturally-rich country that is filled with hidden secrets and a forgotten people. It is located in Southeast Europe and is known for its majestic geography of mountains, plateaus, and fertile plains. Within the beauty of the land, inhabits a people who have interesting stories to tell.
In 1989, Romania transitioned from a state-run economy to a market economy which took a financial toll on Romania.
Over 40% of the country is impoverished and at risk of social exclusion. This caused a flow of younger adults moving to countries with greater
opportunity. This has left an abundant elderly population who have been poorly taken care of and forgotten. Widows, in particular, are mistreated and taken advantage of in their vulnerability. Also, due to policies from the past, orphanages are predominant in Romania with abandoned children. Overall, because of economic inequality and racial discrimination. thousands of Romanians are in need of care and, most importantly, Jesus Himself.
We are hoping to partner with ministries who have sacrificed their lives to share the hope of the gospel with the Romanian people. We hope to bring rest and encouragement to our brothers and sisters working for the Kingdom of God which. in turn, will bring the life of Jesus to the Romanians. 

Things we hope to do:

• Elderly Care
• Work with abused women and widows
• Orphanages
• Evangelism