AFFECTION: Against Apocalyptic Transience by The Wesley

 In this fourth installment in our summer teaching series “Let the Lord Rejoice,” Rev Ryan Ford leads us in continued reflection on Psalm 104 whilst making reference to Wendell Berry, St. Benedict, hip Youtube-farmers, and post-apocalyptic film in order to expound upon the practice of “Affection” and what it has to do with the life of Christian discipleship and Wesley’s ministry at Longleaf Farm. 

Membership: Ryan Ford Flying the Flag of Wesley Foundation, Secedes From the Union, or Why Pretty Much Everyone Should Be On Leadership by The Wesley

Rev. Ryan Ford uses Psalm 104, and Wendell Berry's poem, "The Mad Farmer, Flying The Flag of Rough Branch, Secedes from the Union," to direct us to reflect on our memberships. He goes on to call each of us Christians into prioritizing our membership as Christians through allowing churches, or schools, like The Wesley Foundation, to place certain mandates and teach us how to ask questions of risk and the type of person we hope to become into our mind and language. 

Truthfulness: Part 2 by The Wesley

Rev. Ryan Ford leads us through Psalm 104 and Genesis 1-2 to ask and help give truthful answers to the questions, "What are we?" and "Where are we?" and "Are we living this way?"

Truthfulness: Part 1 by The Wesley

Director, Ryan Ford, shares how as Christians we are called to learn to live and speak truthfully, and how Longleaf Farm is part of this discipline and discipleship for our community. To be truthful Christians, we not only need the right sentences to say with the right content, but our lives must demonstrate the truthfulness and authority of that truth through the way we pattern our affection, time, and limitations.