AND THE LORD HEARS THEIR CRIES: Hearing and Believing / by The Wesley

Last Tuesday was a different format than our regular Race Talks. When talking about race and racism, we have a tendency to speak about it as an abstract, sterile thing. When people talk about racist actions which have been done to them, we tend to give more credibility to some people and less to others depending on what response aligns more with our own political opinions. We also have tendencies to see brothers and sisters who disagree with us as an ideological artifact instead of a person. Last Tuesday was an exercise in listening and relinquishing our retorts and impulses to abstract conversation, and simply trusting and being there for brothers/sisters who have been hurt by racist actions and speech. The talk begins by Ryan giving an explanation and introduction. Then five students and alumni, Terri Mattox, Christan Robicheaux, Chlese Jiles, Cristian Canales, and Khalilah Kersey, relate short stories and experiences from their lives where they have endured racism, and the congregation responds in a liturgical effort to share their burdens.